Reading, Questions, and Quick Writes

17 Dec

12th Grade:

Quick Writes:

  1. Listen to Stevie Wonder’s Big Brother.  What elements of the story is he referring to? How is he comparing the condition of Oceania to his own?
  2. Look at the info-graph above.  What are the dangers of information being under control of a select few companies.  Are there benefits?

Complete the following questions on 1984 Section Two by Friday.

9th Grade:

Quick Write:  Write about a time you were bullied, picked on, or excluded from a group.  Who did you handle the situation?

Reading Of Mice and Men in class.

10th Grade:

Quick Write: Write about a time when you either took or did not take the moral high road.  Have you ever done something (or not done something) even though you didn’t want to, because it was the right thing to do?

Reading To Kill a Mockingbird, chapter 11-19.  Answer these questions To Kill A Mockingbird by Friday.

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