Working on Reading Reactions in A206

4 Dec

Today all classes will meet in room A206 (computer lab) so we can work on our Independent Reading Reactions.  The point of the assignment is to pay attention to the craft that goes into writing and to think like a writer.  For this assignment you must do the following:

  • Read 100 pages of any book of your choice (except for books that you have read for school).
  • Write a 1 page paper in which you discuss any skills the author has used.  On the right hand side of this web page you will find a complete list of skills we have covered.  Clicking on the skill will bring you to a page with definitions, examples, and further reading.
  • Name the book and the author.
  • Identify any skill the author has used.
  • Define the skill.
  • Give a specific example from the text of that skill.  (This is important!  Quote from the book and give page numbers.
  • Explain how the skill(s) help develop any of the author’s purposes.

I will be grading your work based on the above criteria.  If you do it all you will get full credit! This paper counts for 5 points of your grade this quarter.

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