101 Things I’m Thankful For Piece

24 Nov

Today we will be in room A206 (period 8 will be in the library), to work on our 101 things I’m thankful for piece.  Here is an outline of what is expected.

  • Write about specific elements and details about the things you are thankful for.  This assignment is an exercise in paying attention to the small details.  Don’t  just say “I’m thankful for my puppy”  say “When my puppy catches the frisbee in mid air.”  This will allow you to say multiple aspects about a single thing you are thankful for.
  • Use Imagery, especially the advanced imagery techniques we discussed last week.
  • Essentially you are writing a free verse poem.  Organize it 4 stanzas, 25 lines each, and one one-line stanza for something special that you want to stand out.
  • Don’t number your lines.  It will take away from the poem-ness of your piece.
  • Create variation in your lines.  Avoid repetitive structure “My mom for…, My brother for… ” etc.
  • Come up with a title besides “101 Things I’m Thankful For”
  • Single space this piece.

This piece is due tomorrow, in class, typed, and printed out.

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