Fewer vs. Less; 101 Things I’m Thankful For Piece

20 Nov

“Don’t confuse ‘less’ and ‘fewer,’ fool!” -Mr. T

Technical Thursday

When to use “fewer” and when to use “less.”

The Rule:  If a thing is quantifiable (you can count how many there are) use “fewer.”  Otherwise, when you can count how many of a thing there are, use “less.”

Example:  I have less money than Mr. T.  You can not say you have 15 moneys.  Since you can’t count it, use “less.”
Example:  I have fewer dollars than Mr. T.  You can count how many dollars you have, so use “fewer.”

Example: I have fewer songs on my iPod than you.  You can count the number of songs, so use “fewer.
Example: I have less music on my iPod than you.  You can not count how many musics I have, so use “less.”

More info on the topic: here and here.

Exercise: In your notebook, write a sentence for each of the following words, using “less” or “fewer.”    Pain, injuries, care, wrinkles, wrinkling, art, painting, time, minutes, homework, assignments.

Assignment Grade!

I will be checking your work in your notebook on Advanced Imagery. Make sure you have done everything from Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  If necessary, look at the previous three posts on this site.

101 Things I am Thankful For Writing Piece

Our next writing piece (#2) is due on Tuesday 11/25.  You will be writing a free verse poem of 101 lines about 101 things you are thankful for.  This is an exercise in using specific examples.  Don’t just say I’m thankful for my mom.  Instead say, I’m thankful for mom’s homemade breakfasts on Sunday mornings.  By thinking this way, you will be able to come up with multiple reasons you are thankful for your mom, and your piece will be more meaningful than a nondescript list.

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