Vocabulary and Advanced Imagery Continued

18 Nov

Two Word Tuesday

Artisan (N) – a person who is skillful with their hands.  A craftsman.
Kindle (V) – To start a fire; Ignite Interest

Apathy (N) – a lack of emotion or interest
Ambiguous (ADJ)-  unclear meaning, vague

Augment (V): To increase, make larger
Engender (V): To create, to produce

Advanced Imagery Continued

Focus on a tiny but telling detail.  Often what makes a story believable and relatable are the tiny details.

Ex: She felt her pulse both in her throat and under the grip of that hand of his crushing her forearm. His breath. She heard it in short, chattering bursts. She smelled it, too. Fear stunk.    In this example, notice how she feels her pulse under the attacker’s grip, she also notices his breath.

Ex:  She tore free of his grip and leaped off the trail. A spider’s web tugged at her face. Any other time she would have screamed.  In this example, the spider web is used to show how urgently she is escaping. Something that would have ordinarily inspired fear means nothing because this situation is much scarier.


Revisit your Memoir or College/Personal Essay from last quarter, and add the three Advanced Imagery Techniques to your piece.  You may do so in your notebook or directly on the piece itself (I recommend your notebook, for the sake of adding to your page count).  I will check that you have all three tomorrow.

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