Welcome to the Second Quarter; The Unreliable Narrator

5 Nov

Today marks the beginning of the second quarter.

Today we received our 2nd Quarter Rubric and a 2nd Quarter Grading chart, that will allow you to pay close attention to how you are doing this quarter.  Make the most of these resources; you can do as well as you want in this class.

Important Dates for the Second Quarter:

Writing Piece #1: Friday 11/14

Writing Piece #2: Tuesday 11/25

Writing Piece #3: Friday 12/12

Writing Piece #4: Friday 1/9

Reading Reaction #1: Friday 12/5

Reading Reaction #2: Friday 1/16
Notebook Check: Monday 1/26

Any Revisions are due Friday 1/16

The Unreliable Narrator

Skill: The Unreliable Narrator- a narrator you cannot trust.

ex: In the Catcher in the Rye, Holden, our narrator, tells us he is “the most terrific liar.”  How can we trust him to tell us the truth.  As a critical reader, this should make you question everything the narrator says.

Unreliable Narrator Activity:

We will listen to The Tell Tale Heart by Edgar Allan Poe, a story that has a very unreliable narrator.  Answer the following questions (here is the full text):

  1. How does the narrator try to convince readers he isn’t crazy?
  2. How do you know he is crazy?
  3. Which events of the story do you not believe?
  4. Why does Poe chose to tell the story using a first person narrator? What are the benefits?

This will be collected at the end of class and counted as an assignment grade.

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