Effect vs. Affect; 9th and 10th Grade Quarterly Exams; End of Quarter!

30 Oct

Period 1 will be meeting in a206 on Wednesday and Thursday.

9th and 10th Graders will be taking the quarterly exam.
12th Grade College Essays will function as your Quarterly Exam.

Technical Thursday:

Effect vs Affect

Effect is a noun usually meaning “the result.”
Affect is a verb meaning “to influence.”

Many families were affected by the economic crisis.
More unemployment was one effect the economic crisis had on families.
I had no idea my comments affected you so much.
My comments had a powerful effect on the audience.

More information from Grammar Girl, a great site for quick grammar tips.

Notebooks are Due on Monday

Your Notebook grade will be determined Monday, based on how many pages you have written.  The Notebook is worth 20 points on your average.  You earn 2 points for every 3 pages; therefore 30 pages = 20 points.  If you write 50 pages, you will earn 2 bonus points on your average.  Any writing, besides that for another class will count towards your notebook.  Do not however simply write an arbitrary word or phrase over and over again.  You writing should contain thoughts, not mindless scribbles of words!

Just a Reminder from Yesterday!

Reading Reactions Due Friday

Our second and final reading reaction is due on Friday.  This paper should deal with 100 pages worth of independent reading.  Class readings do not count!

For this assignment, write about how the author uses any skills that we have covered. A complete list of skills are posted to the right, for your reference.  Give an example of the skill and explain how that skill helps develop the book you are reading.  The paper should be at least 1 typed page.  You may choose to discuss a small number of skills in great detail, or a larger number.  Just make sure it is at least 1 typed page.

Reading Reaction 2 is due Friday, in class.

Revisions on Writing Pieces

Any revisions on any writing piece must be in by Friday! The marking quarter ends in the middle of next week, so in order to receive credit, you must turn in your revisions this Friday October 31st.

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