Reading Reaction 2 Due Friday; Revisions due Friday

27 Oct

Today we will be continuing our viewing of the films of our class books (Into the Wild, Lord of the Flies, or Speak).

Reading Reactions Due Friday

Our second and final reading reaction is due on Friday.  This paper should deal with 100 pages worth of independent reading.  Class readings do not count!

For this assignment, write about how the author uses any skills that we have covered. A complete list of skills are posted to the right, for your reference.  Give an example of the skill and explain how that skill helps develop the book you are reading.  The paper should be at least 1 typed page.  You may choose to discuss a small number of skills in great detail, or a larger number.  Just make sure it is at least 1 typed page.

Reading Reaction 2 is due Friday, in class.

Revisions on Writing Pieces

Any revisions on any writing piece must be in by Friday! The marking quarter ends in the middle of next week, so in order to receive credit, you must turn in your revisions this Friday October 31st.

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