Two Word Tuesday; Vocabulary Assignment

21 Oct

Two Word Tuesday

12th Grade:
Obscure: (adj) vague; unclear; not well-known
Pugnacious: (adj) eager to fight

9th Grade:
Bolster: (v) to add support; to prop up
Daunting: (adj) intimidating, difficult to deal with

10th Grade:
Mitigate: (v) to calm down; to make less severe
Reprehensible: (adj) blameworthy, unacceptable

Vocabulary Assignment

We learn vocabulary through experience with the words and making connections to other ideas and words. Simply learning definitions is one of the least effective ways to learn new words.  This activity will help strengthen your understanding of each word.

For 10 of our 16 vocabulary words, Draw a picture, create a Word Cloud* with five synonyms, connect the word to a person.

*To create a Word Cloud, draw a cloud with the word inside.  Draw lightning bolts from the cloud that connect to synonyms or words related to the word in the cloud.

Reminder to Seniors: Tomorrow we will have an Into the Wild exam!

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