Final Touches on College/Personal Essays

16 Oct

Today is the last day before our College/Personal Essays are due (writing piece #3).  Make sure you have your final copy with you in class tomorrow.

Read, review and discuss the following websites

Five Weak Words That Make Your Writing Less Effective

Using Strong Verbs and Noun

New Skill for Ending a Piece of Writing

Skill: Bookending– A technique for ending a writing piece, in which an idea that was brought up earlier in the piece is returned to.

Read the Time Magazine Article about the roller coaster Goliath.  Notice the way the story is structured. The author begins with a little bit about the roller coaster Goliath.  Next he is on line waiting to ride the coaster.  The story switches focus and discusses other large roller coasters and coaster technology.  Finally at the end, he returns to his riding of the roller coaster.  He has created a “bookend” structure, in which an idea/situation is introduced, departed from, and then ultimately returned to.  This creates closure in the writing piece.

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