Essays and Vocabulary

10 Oct

I will be out today.  Please turn in your college/ personal essay on Tuesday.

In class, define the following words and write a sentence for each:

Periods 1, 6, 8 12th Grade:

Into the Wild Vocab

Insidious, eloquence, existential, malevolent, aesthetic, idiosyncrasy, sedentary, indolent, narcissism, affluent

Period 3 9th Grade:

Speak Vocab

Consistency, tenacious, foster, muse, delinquency, incriminate, vaguely, devious, allegedly, banished, asphyxiated

Period 5 10th Grade:

Lord of the Flies Vocab

Luminious, sniveling, acrid, parried, fervor, compel, impervious, enterprise, leviathan, crestfallen, taboo

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