Working on College Essays and Personal Essays

7 Oct

Two Word Tuesday

Here are two very similar, yet slightly different words you will encounter with your college and personal essays…

Epiphany (n) – a moment of sudden understanding or insight; when something suddenly “clicks.”

ex: when you suddenly understand a math concept that has been giving you difficulties; when you suddenly understand that you want to be a computer programmer and nothing has ever felt more right.

Revelation (n) – a surprising or unknown fact is revealed that leads to a new understanding

ex: when you are wondering why everyone is dressed up as Santa Clause, then you realize it is “Tis the season Tuesday.”

Class reading of the college essay “Absolute Value.”

Skill: Outlining-collecting and organizing ideas about a topic.  We do this: a. so we don’t forget our ideas, b. to see if we have enough ideas to write about a topic, c. to find a logical order for our ideas.

Homework:  Come  in tomorrow with at least a full page of outlining in your notebook


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