Two Word Tuesday; Go Over Reading

30 Sep

Two Word Tuesday

Querulous (adj) – whiny, childlike
Transcend (v) – to go beyond the limits; rise above

Transcendentalism (n) – philosophy that focuses on the individual’s intuition, that man is at his best when he is self-reliant and independent.  He is inherently good and society corrupts the purity of the individual, so man must rise above society and be independent and free thinking.
Transcendentalism is a core philosophy to Chris McCandleless (aka Alex Supertramp) and his heroes Henry David Thoreau and Ralph Waldo Emerson.

9th Grade:
Jocular (adj) – a joking or humorous manner
Caricature (n) – an exaggerated, often humorous, version

Discuss Speak characterization and Melinda’s “Tree” art project

10th Grade:
Astute (adj) – clever and perceptive; able to pick up on tiny details
Authentic (adj) – real, genuine

Discuss Lord of the Flies characterization, the Beastie, and Hunting vs. Rescue.


-The first Independent Reading Reaction is due Friday.  Here is what is expected of you, as outlined in the course syllabus:

During the quarter, you must independently read 200 pages of anything of your choosing. You Must Choose a Book You Have Never Read Before. Books For Other Classes Do Not Count. For each 100 pages you read, you must submit a full  page (typed, double spaced, 12pt font) reaction to what you have read. So 200 pages read, with 2 full page reactions = 10pts (5pts each) on your report card. Things to consider for reading reactions: Author’s use of skills/literary devices, your reactions/observations, connections to your life/the world, important quotes/passages. SUMMARIES WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED! I want to know your thoughts, not a simple summary that can easily be Googled.

-Bring in your independent reading book Thursday, I will be giving you class time to read and work on the reading reaction.

-Seniors: please bring in your college essay question on Wednesday!


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