Reading Due; Discuss Characterization

29 Sep

12th Grade: Assembly in the auditorium

Reading Due!

We will start class by answer a few questions on the reading.

9th Grade Part 2 Questions

10th Grade LOTF Questions 4-6

Mad Skillz Monday

Skill: Characterization: Characterization is how an author shows a character’s personality. This is done by the character’s actions and the things the character says, as well as the author’s description of those characters.


Descriptions of that character (he is a kind and caring person)

The character’s actions (Tommy stole money from his mother, who is in extreme debt)

The character’s words (“I’d never leave you alone, even if it meant I’d be in trouble”)

Discuss characterization for the following characters:

9th Grade: Melinda, Heather, Rachel, Mr. Freeman, Mr. Neck

10th Grade: Ralph, Jack, Piggy, Simon, The Littluns

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