Extended Metaphor Writing Piece Due; Quick Write Wednesday

24 Sep

Quick Write:  Showing Not Telling Exercise…

Write about something that you are going to do this weekend, without stating what it is.  Give details and describe what you are doing, but don’t say what it is.  Try to get half of a page.

Writing Piece #2 is Due

Extended Metaphor Poems are due today, typed and printed out.  Complete the Writing Piece Reflection, staple it on top, and turn it in.

*Remember, no late work is accepted, but you may use one of your two extensions (You must have your Super Pass).  In which case, you paper must be turned in within two school days, the last of which is Tuesday 9/30.

Reading Discussion

12th Grade: Read this list of Henry David Thoreau Quotes. Pick one you like and write why you like it in your notebooks (or pick one you don’t like and state why).

9th Grade: Discuss events in Speak using Part 1 Questions

10th Grade: Discuss Lord of the Flies and characterization with this PowerPoint: LOTF characterization

****All Classes****  The second section of our reading is due on Monday 9/29.  Be prepared!

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