Reading Due; Work on Extended Metaphor Writing Piece

22 Sep

Reading Assignment:

Using your books, select two different quotes from the reading that highlight an important part of the story.  Give the page number and explain why that part was important.  Hand in.

Quick Write:

The following quick writes are designed to help give you ideas for your extended metaphor piece, which is due Wednesday. Here are some examples of extended metaphor poems.

A. Write about the object you have chosen for your extended metaphor piece.  Think of characteristics, traits, and details.  Try to get as much down on the paper as possible

B.  Write about traits and characteristics of yourself.  What kind of person are you? What do you like to do? What is your relationship like with others?

Skill: Slashing Prose

Prose: normal, everyday writing without and specific structure; writing that is not poetry.

Slashing Prose: A technique for creating lines of poetry.  Take normal, everyday writing (prose) and chop away unnecessary words, leaving only important phrases.  These phrases can be used as lines of poetry.

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