Quick Write Wednesday; Skill: Extended Metaphor

17 Sep

Quick Write Wednesday

12th Grade: If your house was burning down, all people and pets have escaped, and you have time to run in and grab three items, what 3 things would you save? (Never run into burning buildings).

9th Grade: Which lies they tell you about high school (page 5-6 of Speak) do you think actually are lies? Come up with some of your own lies they tell you about high school.

10th Grade: What are some things that you would like if there were no rules or grown ups? What are some things you would dislike?

New Skill: Extended Metaphor

Extended Metaphor- a comparison that lasts more than one line of a piece of writing.

George Gray is “A boat with a furled sail at rest in a harbor” (Spoon River Anthology).
“My Sorrow” by Isabella Leitner: Her memories of the Holocaust are compared to an annoying travel companion that won’t leave her alone.

Read “George Gray” and “My Sorrow”extended metaphor george gray my sorrow

-What is George Gray compared to? What is the author saying about George Gray as a person?

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