Skill: Effective Lead; Work on Memoirs

10 Sep

Today, we began with the anonymous reading of our Six Word Memoirs.  From there, we did a Quick Write in which we brain-stormed different details for our memoirs. We learned, discussed, and looked at examples of the skill Effective Lead.  Then we worked on our rough drafts for our memoirs.

Memoir: Due Friday; Typed 12pt. Font, Double Spaced;  Use the skills Sensory Imagery and Effective Lead; Use 2 Vocabulary Words; Minimum of 250 words.

Skill: Effective Lead

An author’s attempt to grasp the reader’s attention in the beginning of a work.

First impressions are huge.  Think about how fast you flip through TV channels.  How much time does each program get before you switch stations?  In a world of ever shrinking attention spans, you need to grasp your readers’ attention as soon as possible.

Try being vague, create mystery by not immediately letting the reader know exactly what you are writing about…
Try using vague words like “it” before explaining what “it” is.
Start with dialogue.
Start somewhere besides the beginning.
Say something shocking.  Sensory Imagery blast.
Start in the middle of the action.

Check out this page of 100 best first lines of novels.

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