Start Thinking About Our First Writing Piece: The Memoir

5 Sep

Our first writing piece will be a memoir, which is essentially a story from your life.  Different from an autobiography, which covers your entire life, a memoir is just a single story from your life.  That story may last a few years (think Night by Elie Wiesel) or may be as short as a few minutes (for example: getting on to the bus the first day of school in 9th grade).  

Memoir will be due Friday 9/12

Quick Writes: 1. Write about something you are proud of.  2. Write about something you are ashamed of. 

Listen to the NPR program on Six Word Memoirs, then write your own story using only six words.  On Tuesday, I will collect your Six Word Memoir and read them to the class anonymously.  

To help give you an idea of what is expected in your memoir, here is a great example from a student a few years ago (click it to enlarge): Memoir Little

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