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Research Papers!

30 Apr


We’ve started work on our research papers. Here is the research paper overview.

It will be on a controversial issue, for which you must support one side.  By now you should have at least 3 articles, including one article about the opposing view point.

We will be putting together Fact-Inference-Conclusion sheets for 3 articles and checking as an assignment grade.

The due date is yet to be finalized, but it will be before Memorial Day weekend.



Classwork for the week of April 22-25

24 Apr

New Skill! Avoid using wasteful words.  Words like very, so, and really are “lazy” words.  Don’t say “I’m really tired” when you can say “I’m exhausted.”  45 Ways to Avoid the Word Very.


Periods 1, 2, 5, 6:  Your first blog post on the topic of your own choice is due on Friday.  It should be introductory/how you got started post. At least 200 words and include an effective lead.  In your piece try to highlight the emotional aspects of what you are discussing.  Think of the post as en effective lead to the rest of the writing you will do about the topic this year.


Period 8:  Read the “Masque of the Red Death” by Edgar Allan Poe (p 389 in Red Literature book).  Full text here
-write a story using the follow vocabulary words: Profuse, dauntless, sagacious, countenance, wanton, appal, spectral, blasphemous. 
-while reading identify five words (other than the vocabulary words) that help create the mood of the story.  
-complete the questions 1-15 on page 395, and Discuss how Poe’s word choice helps create the mood of the story in 100 words, using specific examples.  
-On Kidblog, Post answers to questions 11-15 and Discuss how Poe’s word choice helps create the mood of the story in 100 words, using specific examples.  

All Work is Due Friday, Notebooks Thursday!

2 Apr

Notebooks are due on Thursday!  Write about whatever you want, as long as it isn’t work for another class, and you will get credit.  #easy100 

Any missing or revised work is due Friday.  Please keep in mind, I am allowing you to make up and fix anything #anothereasy100

Go on eSchool Parent Portal, review your work, make sure you have grades you are satisfied with.  Revise pieces on Kidblog.  

How well do you want to do this quarter?