Vocabulary Assignment and Important People in Your Life

9 Dec

On Friday, you were asked to write a paragraph using “There, Their, They’re, Your, You’re” and the following words:

9th Grade: Daunting, Fervent

10th Grade: Novel, Acclaim


-Also you were asked to write down three important people in your life with a sentence stating why.

On Monday, we worked with a partner on effective leads.  First we did a quick write about one thing you did over the weekend.  Then we switched notebooks with a partner and they attempted to rewrite your story using an effective lead.

Tuesday, I want you to take two of the three important people you wrote down and answer the following questions in as much detail as possible, in your notebook.  Do one person at a time; spend time thinking about this person’s value in your life.

-Describe the person physically.
-What are some things they say?
-What are some things about the person that you love?
-What are some things about the person that annoy you?
-Think about any inside jokes only the two of you would understand.
-List some specific memories you have with this person.
-How did you meet?
-Write about any fights or arguments you’ve had with this person.
-What makes your relationship with this person unique.
-How long have you known each other?

I will check the Vocabulary and Important Person writing (about 2 different people) on Wednesday.

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