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Vocabulary Assignment and Important People in Your Life

9 Dec

On Friday, you were asked to write a paragraph using “There, Their, They’re, Your, You’re” and the following words:

9th Grade: Daunting, Fervent

10th Grade: Novel, Acclaim


-Also you were asked to write down three important people in your life with a sentence stating why.

On Monday, we worked with a partner on effective leads.  First we did a quick write about one thing you did over the weekend.  Then we switched notebooks with a partner and they attempted to rewrite your story using an effective lead.

Tuesday, I want you to take two of the three important people you wrote down and answer the following questions in as much detail as possible, in your notebook.  Do one person at a time; spend time thinking about this person’s value in your life.

-Describe the person physically.
-What are some things they say?
-What are some things about the person that you love?
-What are some things about the person that annoy you?
-Think about any inside jokes only the two of you would understand.
-List some specific memories you have with this person.
-How did you meet?
-Write about any fights or arguments you’ve had with this person.
-What makes your relationship with this person unique.
-How long have you known each other?

I will check the Vocabulary and Important Person writing (about 2 different people) on Wednesday.

Reading Reaction 1 Due Friday

4 Dec

Your first reading reaction will be due on Friday.  Your job is to write at least 150-200 words about a line, phrase, quote or excerpt from your independent reading book.  Choose a line from the book that affects you in some way.  It might make you think, wonder, or question things.  Try not to simply discuss how it is important to the book, instead bring it out side of the book and into real life.  Below are two examples I did with Of Mice and Men.  The first one is not what I’m looking for, but is more typical of how most people (from my experience) would approach this assignment.  The second one is more in line with what the assignment calls for.  I want you to think.  I want you to question.  I want you to notice how the words of the book affect our lives.  Post it on by Friday.


Of Mice and Men Reading Reaction

Important Quote:

“Maybe ever’body in the whole damn world is scared of each other”(19)

Example 1.

This quote was said by Slim to George when they were talking about how George and Lennie travel together.  It is an important quote because it helps show how lonely everyone on the ranch was.  All of the other guys on the ranch don’t travel with anyone else.  Slim thinks it’s because they are all afraid of each other.  This means that most of the workers on the ranch don’t trust each other.  If the workers trusted each other they might become friends and travel together.  This would be good for the men because then they wouldn’t be lonely.  Instead the guys fight a lot.   Nobody has any family and nobody has any friends.  George and Lennie are friends so they travel together.  It’s because George and Lennie trust each other.



Example 2.

What does it say about human beings as a species if trust is so hard to come by?  Other species have natural enemies they fear.  Rabbits have wolves, mice have owls, and zebras have lions.  Human beings have other humans.  If a person is endangered, hurt, betrayed, or neglected, it is often at the hands of another human.  Aside from physical pain, human beings give other humans something that the rabbit does not get from the wolf, nor the zebra from the lion: emotional pain.

We fear disapproval, ridicule, and shame from other people.  Great lengths will be taken to avoid the emotional pain other humans can bring us.  We hide our true selves and hold back words, thoughts and feelings, just to avoid derision and insult.  In a society that champions the idea of being an individual, speaking your mind, and being real, we are often too afraid to tell the truth because of its potential consequences.  If we blurt out what we feel, we get told we have “no filter.”  Why should we have to filter ourselves?  What are we afraid of?  Slim says maybe it’s because we are scared of each other.  Maybe we are also scared of ourselves.



Editing Writing Pieces, Vocabulary and Independent Reading

3 Dec

Welcome back and I hope your Thanksgiving break was fun!

Suggestions for editing writing pieces:

  • make sure you break your writing up in paragraphs (one main idea per paragraph).
  • capitalize proper nouns and avoid any texting lingo (“u” “r” “gonna”)
  • after a sentence, there should be two spaces before the next one begins
  • There=location (it has “here” in the word) , They’re=They are, Their=possession (it has heir in the word)
  • Your=possession, You’re=you are

This week we are working on some new vocabulary, suggestions for editing writing pieces and independent reading.

9th Grade Vocab: Daunting and fervent

10th Grade Vocab: Novel and acclaim

Bring in your independent reading book:

  • In your notebook, keep track of the “who (characters), what (plot), when and where (setting)” of the story.
  • Jot down or take note of any lines that stick out to you, catch your attention, or make you think.