Welcome to the 2nd Quarter! Create Your Blog on KidBlog.org

11 Nov

The second quarter is upon us.  The school year is 25% over, the air is growing cold, and we are rapidly approaching the holiday season.

Create Your Blog on KidBlog.org

This quarter, all of our work will be posted online.  You will have the opportunity to see what others in the class are doing, as well as leave comments on their work.  It will be a tremendous opportunity for you to interact and learn from your fellow classmates. All posts and comments must first get teacher approval before becoming visible.  Creating your blog is very simple, here’s how:

1.  Visit KidBlog.org

2. Click on the Red Students button

Screen Shot 2013-11-11 at 9.41.05 PM

3.  Enter the secret code for your class:

Period 1: jpz235
Period 2: disy45
Period 5: bjnx48
Period 6: hntx56
Period 8: aeruvx

4.  Write your first and last name in as your User Name, and create a password.

5. Click on “New Post” and create your first post about your writing goals for the 2nd quarter.  In the first box create your post title “2nd Quarter Writing Goals.” In the larger box write out your writing goals for the 2nd quarter.  In the bottom right, there are categories.  This is an assignment, so click “Assignments.”  When you are ready and have proofread, click the blue button “Submit for Review.”  Your first blog post will be sent to me for approval.

Screen Shot 2013-11-11 at 9.49.04 PM


Accessing Your Blog in the Future

In order to access your blog in the future, go to the following sites.

Period 1: http://kidblog.org/mrfunk9113
Period 2: http://kidblog.org/mrfunk10213
Period 5: http://kidblog.org/mrfunk9513
Period 6: http://kidblog.org/mrfunk9613
Period 8: http://kidblog.org/mrfunk10813

There is a KidBlog App!

If you have an Apple iOS device, you can use the KidBlog app.  Click here.

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