Class This Week

7 Nov

Monday:  write the definitions to the following words, write a sentence, and draw a picture that helps illustrate the definition of the word.

9th Grade Words: 

Contentious Reprove Pessimism Cursory Profligate Miser Jocular Fracas Caricature

10th Grade Words:  

Profuse Expedient Fastidious Prosaic Philanthropy Languid Astute Authentic Brevity Relevant


Thursday:  We are determining Class Participation Grades based on the guidelines below that we discussed in class.  Please consider each area, write about your strengths and weaknesses, and be as specific as possible.  Also write what you can improve for next quarter.

Things to consider for class participation

Things to consider for class participation


Goals for Your Writing:

Review your writing pieces for this quarter.  In your notebook, list 2-3 ways you’d like to improve your writing for next quarter.
Suggestions include: Organizing ideas into paragraphs, writing complete sentences, spelling, handwriting, using more detail/ imagery, using particular skills, betting planning, outlining, better proofreading, trying not to be repetitive, etc.


At this point we will be moving into the second quarter!!

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