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Week of November 18-22nd

24 Nov

Vocabulary:  We studied five new words, in great detail.  For each word, you must think of a character and a song that ties (even loosely) to the word.  Explain your answer.

9th Grade: corroborate, precarious, apathy, ambiguous, vagrant

10th Grade: incoherent, mitigate, reprehensible, deride, lethargic


New Writing Piece, due on your Kidblog by class time Tuesday before Thanksgiving: 101 Things I am Thankful For.

Create a list of 101 things you are thankful for.

*Do not simply mention something, but mention an aspect of that something.  For example: don’t say “my dog” say “seeing my dog run full speed towards the ball I threw.”  This way you are focusing on the specific details about the things you are thankful for.  You could then write multiple aspects about your dog.  For example: “when my dog greets me at the door after a hard day” “scratching my dog’s belly until her leg kicks involuntarily.” So right there, we have 3 things about your dog.  This will make your piece more interesting and easier to accomplish.

*Come up with a creative title.  “101 Things I am Thankful For” will not be accepted.  Here is mine, it was called “101 Excuses to Get Up Early.”  Take a look at it and use it as a model.  Good Luck!

First Writing Piece is Due!

20 Nov

Today our first writing piece is due and needs to be posted on your blog.

9th Grade: Letter to an 8th Grader about to enter high school.

10th Grade: Writing about an accomplishment or a regret.

Please focus on your own personal 2nd quarter writing goals, as well as using an Effective Lead.


If you are having any problems with, please let me know.

Otherwise, we have been working on this writing piece for about a week now, so any pieces not submitted by tomorrow will not be accepted.  Please alert me of any extenuating circumstances with a note from home.

Get an a Book for Independent Reading by Monday Nov. 18th

12 Nov

Be sure to get yourself a book that you have never read for Monday November 18th. Please bring it to class, as we will begin doing work with it on Monday.  Choose a book that is in line with your interests!

The librarians are always helpful in choosing a book you might like.  Ask your friends if they have read anything good lately, it could give you something to talk about.  Also, I do have books you can explore in the class room. Finally, if you want to read some summaries on popular books, try these links.  1    2   3   4

Welcome to the 2nd Quarter! Create Your Blog on

11 Nov

The second quarter is upon us.  The school year is 25% over, the air is growing cold, and we are rapidly approaching the holiday season.

Create Your Blog on

This quarter, all of our work will be posted online.  You will have the opportunity to see what others in the class are doing, as well as leave comments on their work.  It will be a tremendous opportunity for you to interact and learn from your fellow classmates. All posts and comments must first get teacher approval before becoming visible.  Creating your blog is very simple, here’s how:

1.  Visit

2. Click on the Red Students button

Screen Shot 2013-11-11 at 9.41.05 PM

3.  Enter the secret code for your class:

Period 1: jpz235
Period 2: disy45
Period 5: bjnx48
Period 6: hntx56
Period 8: aeruvx

4.  Write your first and last name in as your User Name, and create a password.

5. Click on “New Post” and create your first post about your writing goals for the 2nd quarter.  In the first box create your post title “2nd Quarter Writing Goals.” In the larger box write out your writing goals for the 2nd quarter.  In the bottom right, there are categories.  This is an assignment, so click “Assignments.”  When you are ready and have proofread, click the blue button “Submit for Review.”  Your first blog post will be sent to me for approval.

Screen Shot 2013-11-11 at 9.49.04 PM


Accessing Your Blog in the Future

In order to access your blog in the future, go to the following sites.

Period 1:
Period 2:
Period 5:
Period 6:
Period 8:

There is a KidBlog App!

If you have an Apple iOS device, you can use the KidBlog app.  Click here.

Class This Week

7 Nov

Monday:  write the definitions to the following words, write a sentence, and draw a picture that helps illustrate the definition of the word.

9th Grade Words: 

Contentious Reprove Pessimism Cursory Profligate Miser Jocular Fracas Caricature

10th Grade Words:  

Profuse Expedient Fastidious Prosaic Philanthropy Languid Astute Authentic Brevity Relevant


Thursday:  We are determining Class Participation Grades based on the guidelines below that we discussed in class.  Please consider each area, write about your strengths and weaknesses, and be as specific as possible.  Also write what you can improve for next quarter.

Things to consider for class participation

Things to consider for class participation


Goals for Your Writing:

Review your writing pieces for this quarter.  In your notebook, list 2-3 ways you’d like to improve your writing for next quarter.
Suggestions include: Organizing ideas into paragraphs, writing complete sentences, spelling, handwriting, using more detail/ imagery, using particular skills, betting planning, outlining, better proofreading, trying not to be repetitive, etc.


At this point we will be moving into the second quarter!!