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Nearing the End of the Quarter!

29 Oct

We are nearing the end of the 1st marking period.  Please take a look at eSchool to see if you are missing any assignments!

Notebooks and Reading Reactions will be checked tomorrow, October 30th!

10th Graders:  Here are the Lord of the Flies Questions for Ch 11-12. Lord. Of The Flies Ch 11-12


Important Dates!

27 Oct

All Classes:

On Tuesday October 29th, we will have our Quarterly Assessment.  Your task will be to answer a Question 27.  We have been discussing this Question in class.

On Wednesday October 30th, Notebooks and Reading Reactions will be checked.  Be prepared!

2nd Writing Pieces and Reading

21 Oct

9th Grade:  We have read the first 5 chapters of Of Mice and Men.

Our 2nd writing piece is a revision of the first.  You will be asked to turn in an edited and refreshed paper.  Think of adding new details, fixing grammar and paragraphing issues.  Use skills we have learned, especially Imagery.  Also make sure you are telling about your future life as if it were happening now.  Don’t write from the perspective of today looking forward.  Also, turn in a half page explanation of what you changed in your paper and why.  This is due in class on Tuesday.


10th Grade:  We have finished the first 10 chapters of Lord of the Flies

Our 2nd writing piece is modeled after question 27 on the Regents.  You will be asked to identify and name any literary device used in Lord of the Flies.  Be sure to give specific examples from the book (quotes and page numbers), as well a to explain how this literary device helps to develop the story.  This is due in class on Wednesday.

Assignments and “Blowin’ in the Wind”

9 Oct

9th Grade:

1.  Define and write a sentence for these words from Of Mice and Men

-Imperious, Dejectedly, Anguished, Morosely, Profoundly, Intensity, Meager, Apprehension, Contemptuously, Reprehensible

2.  In your notebook, list 5 events you think are important from Of Mice and Men


10th Grade:

1.  Give 2 examples from chapter 7 of the distance growing between Jack and Ralph

2.  In your notebook, list 5 events you think are important from Lord of the Flies

3. Read to page 137 by Friday.


All Classes:

New Skill:  The Rhetorical Question- a question that is not meant to be answered, but to prove a point.

Bob Dylan’s “Blowin in the Wind” has many Rhetorical Questions


Monday’s Classes

7 Oct

9th Grade: Today our “I have a Dream” Piece is due.  Make sure you have it with you in class on Tuesday.  We have also finished chapter 3 of Of Mice and Men.

10th Grade: Be sure to have read through chapter 7 of Lord of The Flies for Tuesday.

Google Drive Login… Lord of the Flies work; Of Mice and Men and “I have a dream” Piece

3 Oct

Google Drive Login:  Sachem has set every student up with a Google account.  Simply go to and click Login.

-User name  is your regular computer login name (first initial -last name) followed by  ex: John Smith =

-Password:  Sach.last four digits of your student id.   Example student id 33442233 password = Sach.2233   … Be sure to capitalize the S !


9th Grade:   “I have a dream” Piece is due Monday.  It must be typed, printed out, and in class Monday.   We are also finishing Chapter 3 of Of Mice and Men.

10th Grade:  Turn in Ch. 5 worksheet for Lord of the Flies, due Friday.   Download a copy here: lotf ch 5