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All Work Due Friday, Final Portfolios!

23 May

All classes:  If you are missing any work to date, it must be turned in Friday, May 24th or it will not be counted and a zero will be given.  Notebooks will be checked on Friday May 31st.

Final Portfolios:

We are beginning to work and discuss our final portfolios.  Below are the overviews and rubrics. Please begin by reviewing your writing pieces, notebooks, journals, etc for writing you wish to include in your final portfolio.

11th Grade Portfolio Rubric:final portfolio checklist 11

12th Grade Portfolio Rubric:  final portfolio checklist 12


Important Information:

11th Grade: The Regents exam is Tuesday June 11th, at 8am.  It is the very first Regents Exam.

12th Grade:  Advice to a 9th grader blog is due Friday.  Think of the things you know now that you wish you knew when you were entering 9th grade.  Write a letter to incoming freshmen about the high school experience.  Share your wisdom!

Speeches and Assignments

11 May

Next week we will begin speeches.  Everyone has received their position and must be ready on that given date.  Please let me know if you need anything to perform your speech (projector for PowerPoints, pictures…).

11th Grade: Picture/ Song Piece is due Friday

12th Grade: Make sure your blogs are up to date!


Senior Blog of the Week: Life Philosophy

7 May

12 Grade: For this week’s blog, your assignment is to write your life philosophy or world view piece.  How do you see the world, life, the big picture?  What are words you live by?  Begin this piece with an epigraph.  If you remember, an Epigraph is a quote before the beginning of your piece. The quote can come from anywhere, a person, movie, friend, book, yourself, song… My hope is to get you thinking about larger issues in life and take a moment to not be distracted by the small details that often consume our everyday.  It could be an interesting piece to look back on some years from now, to give you a window into your mind as you are about to graduate high school.

Speech Overview

5 May

We will be starting speeches on May 14th.  Here is the overview of the assignment.  Start planning!  speech