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Important assignments for the week.

30 Apr

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There are some important assignments due this week, and a chance to get in any missing work without a late penalty.  Please take advantage of this!

11th Grade:  Macbeth Critical Lens is the main assignment for this week.  We will be doing much of it in class.  If you have not finished your Regents question 26 and 27 (previous post) or the TV Dramatic Elements assignment,  be sure to get them in this week.


12th Grade:  The main focus of the week will be Picture song piece.  If you have not submitted your To Be Parody or the Hamlet quotes assignment (previous post), make sure you do so this week.

Rubrics and Week Assignments

23 Apr

Here is the 4th Quarter 11R Rubric and the 4th Quarter 12th Rubric.

This week we are finishing our Shakespeare units.


11th Grade:  Visit and look up Macbeth.  Select 1 theme and summarize it and supply 2 quotes that illustrate it.

-In your notebook, write 150 words on a theme in Macbeth and select another work of literature you have read that also has a similar theme.  Give specific examples from both.  (this mimics question 26 on the Regents exam).

-In your notebook, write 150 words on a literary or dramatic element in Macbeth.  Give specific examples and explain how it develops the play.  (this mimics question 27 on the Regents exam).


12th Grade:  Visit and look up Hamlet.  Select 1 theme and summarize it and supply 2 quotes that illustrate it.

-This week’s blog, due Thursday, asks you to write 250 words on a quote or passage from Hamlet.  Explain the quote/passage in terms of the play  and connect the quote/passage to modern times.

The 4th Quarter is Here, Assignments for the Week

16 Apr

Well we are 3 quarters of the way through the school year.  The fourth and final quarter is upon us.  Here’s what’s going on in class.

11th Grade: We have finished the first 4 acts of Macbeth.   Here are notes on Dramatic Elements.   Our first assignment for the quarter is the TV Dramatic Elements, for which you will identify dramatic elements in TV, Movies, or even Commercials.  It is due on Friday.


12th Grade:  After reading the famous “To be or not to be” soliloquy, we will be writing parodies of the speech.  Here is the assignment To Be Parody.  It is due Friday and should be posted on your blog.