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End of the Quarter Run Down

31 Mar

Welcome back from break, I hope it was relaxing, safe and fun.

The third quarter ends on Friday April 12th here’s what we can expect for the rest of the third quarter.  We will begin the week by viewing portions of the film version of Macbeth/Hamlet.

11th Grade:

Wednesday April 3rd- Shakespeare film assignment Due.

Monday April 8th- Regents Questions 26+27 Writing Piece Due

Wednesday April 10th- Notebook (20pts) and Reading Reactions (20pts) Check

Friday April 12th- End of Quarter Reflection and Grade Sheet Due

12th Grade:

Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday April 3-5 we will meet in D114.

Friday April 5th– Final Quarter Blog Due (Shakespeare film assignment) Can be completed in notebook. (Last Day to turn in any blogs!)

Monday April 8th- Research Papers are due (absolutely no late papers are accepted).

Wednesday April 10th- Notebook (15pts) Check

Thursday April 11th- End of Quarter Reflection and Grade Sheet Due

Research Papers and Shakespeare

18 Mar

All classes will meet in room d114 on Monday!

11th Grade:  We will be working on research papers.

All research papers are due Friday March 22nd.  Late papers will not be accepted.  If you are absent or participating in March Madness, please get the paper to me or in my mailbox (in the main office) by 2pm Friday.  If there are any emergency situations (computer/ printer issues do not count) bring in a signed note from a parent or guardian.  This is the biggest single grade of the year, be sure to make every effort to get it in by Friday.  I will gladly look at any papers before Friday if you bring it in.

Here’s is the Format Example Research Paper (keep in mind the content is nonsense, you should only pay attention to the look and format of this paper).


12th Grade: we will be working on the week’s blog and research paper work.


Creativity and Productivity

9 Mar

Creativity and Productivity

A friendly reminder to students who are writing research papers and blogs: Remember that in the early stages of writing, it is important to think quantity over quality. You will have time to decide whether what you are writing is good later. But you can only do that once you have ideas down on paper. So write, write, write and worry about whether it is any good later!

Works Cited Page

6 Mar

Here are the notes on the works cited page.

Here are the notes on parethetical citations and paraphrasing