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Work Cited Page

26 Feb

Here are the notes for the works cited page.  works cited


Seniors:  your weekly blog post is due Friday.  Make sure you read and comment (50 words) on another student’s blog.

11th Grade Vocab and 12th Grade Blog Titles

20 Feb

11th Grade:  Here are the words for Vocab Unit 5:

Lament, Malleable, Mortify, Omnipotent, Plight, Quadrant, Reminiscent, Sanction, Stalwart, Tenacity

12th Grade:  Here is a site with some good advice for creating titles for your blog posts.

11th Grade Research Paper and 12th Grade Rubric

18 Feb

11th Grade:  Here are the handouts on the Research Paper, which we will be discussing on Tuesday.

research paper overview

research topics

12th Grade:  Here is our rubric for the 3rd quarter.  Our next blog post should be about your first experiences with your blog’s topic.  It is due Friday.

3rd Quarter 12th Rubric BLOG

Valentine’s Critical Lens, Senior Blog

10 Feb

I hope everyone is doing well after the snow storm.  It seems our school schedule has once again been affected by Mother Nature.

11th Grade:

The Blizzard has earned you an additional day to get in your Valentine’s Day Critical Lens.  Make sure you have it with you Tuesday, typed and printed!

12th Grade:

If you haven’t finished your About Me Blog, make sure you have it done for Tuesday!


Take care and see you all on Tuesday!

Vera in the Snow

Vera in the Snow

Thesis Statements and Class Blogs

5 Feb

11th Grade: 

Today we went over the The Thesis handout.

Next we discussed our next writing piece which will be in the style of a Critical Lens essay, however it will be written to a person/people you love.  You must choose a quote that applies to your relationship, and bring it to class tomorrow.

12th Grade:

Here is a link to the Senior blogs:

Go to this site and click “Secret Code.”  Enter this code:  dfnr7

From there you can create your own profile and begin work on your blog.  The first post will be an “About Me” or Bio post. Here’s more information on that.

Thesis and Blogs

4 Feb

11th Grade:

Here is the handout on Thesis Statements.


12th Grade:

Think about the subject matter of your blog.  What do you want to write about and explore?

Here are the videos of Tavi Gevinson, and her blog.

Tavi on Jimmy Fallon

Tavi on Steven Colbert

Topic Sentences and Thesis Statements

1 Feb

Here is a rundown of our work this week.  Here are the handouts  Research Paper- The Thesis  and TOPIC SENTENCES

11th Grade:

Midterms Monday and Tuesday

Make sure you have finished Catcher in the Rye.

New Skills Topic Sentences.  Using the handout on topic sentences, create your own thesis statement and three topic sentences in your notebook.

12th Grade:

Create 3 bio poems using vocabulary words.

New Skills Topic Sentences.  Using the handout on topic sentences, create your own thesis statement and three topic sentences in your notebook.

New Skill:

-Presenting your opinion as fact- It is understood that any piece of writing is your opinion, however if you want to be effective in proving your argument don’t remind the reader of this.  Avoid “I think that” “In my opinion” “I believe” “it seems like…” in formal writing.  An attorney would never say “I think that Mr. X is guilty of crime X.” He/she would present their opinion as fact “Mr. X is guilty of crime X!”