Vocabulary Bio Poems and Personification

9 Jan

Each student must complete 3 Bio poems using any 3 vocabulary words from any unit.  You will be asked to share one of your bio poems with the class.  The format is:

First name

Four traits that describe the word

Relative of

Who feels Who needs

Who fears

Who would like 

Resident of

Last name


Here is an Example:

Querulous- verb complain in a whining manner

First Name Debbie

Four traits Annoying, weak, childish, frustrating

Relative of Whiny

Who Feels Cranky

Who needs constant attention

Who fears having to deal with a difficult situation

Who would like to see someone give them everything they want

Resident of SnottyBratsVille

Last Name Downer


SKILL:  Personification: Giving human-like qualities to non human things.

ex: The guitar sang a melody that danced across the room.

Your assignment: Add personification to any 3 items in any of your writing pieces.  You will be asked to share an example with the class.

Song of the Week!  — Something for the cold weather…

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