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The End of The Second Quarter!

22 Jan

The second quarter is coming to a close!  Here is a copy of the 2nd Quarter Self Assessment.  It should be stapled on top of your writing pieces and placed in your portfolio folder.  It is due Friday.

Notebooks and Reading Reactions will be checked tomorrow, Wednesday the 23rd of January.

Last Assignments before the end of the Quarter

18 Jan

It’s nearing the end of the quarter!  Today we will complete the last assignment for the quarter and next week we will be working on putting the finishing touches on our 2nd Quarter Portfolio.

Notebooks and Reading Reactions will be checked on Wednesday January 23rd!  

11th Grade: After finishing Catcher in the Rye, answer the following questions:

  1. Do you think Holden has changed, in anyway, by the end of the book?  How?  In what ways?  Give examples to back up your answer.
  2. Discuss J.D. Salinger’s use of any skill or literary device in the novel.  Give an example.

12th Grade:  Write a sentence for each word from vocab 12 unit 4 and draw a picture for any five words.




Here is the 2nd Quarter Self Assessment!

17 Jan

The second quarter self assessment is due next Friday!

2nd Quarter Self Assessment

Vocabulary Unit 4

16 Jan

Write a sentence for each word and draw a picture for 5 of them.

11th Grade:  vocab 11 unit 4 (don’t forget to finish Catcher in the Rye!)

12th Grade: vocab 12 unit 4


Song of the Week:


This week in Mr. Funk’s Class!

15 Jan

11th Grade:  Read the rest of Catcher in the Rye!

12th Grade:  New Skills  ! Use these two skills in any of your writing pieces.

Jersey Juxtaposition:  putting two opposite phrases together to create a memorable statement.

“You gotta get up to get down” – Snooki

“Thank you for putting up with me without putting me down.” -Breanne M.

“The more and more people get degrees the less and less those degrees mean.”

-The Rule of 3s- giving evidence, descriptions, or examples in groups of three has a nice and convincing ring to it.  “He is too incapable, incompetent, and inconsiderate to fill the position.”

Assignments for Friday January 11th

10 Jan

12th Grade:

Watch the following speech by Steve Jobs an click here for a Transcription.

Answer the following questions:

1. What are your thoughts and reactions?

2. What is the message of the speech?  Use specific examples from the speech to support your answer.

3.  Choose an important quote from the speech and explain its significance.


11th Grade:

Your homework was to read chapters 21-23 of Catcher in the Rye. In your notebook answer the following questions.

-What are your thoughts on Holden’s relationship with Phoebe? Give specific evidence.

-How does Holden feel about Mr. Antolini? Give specific evidence.

-Pick an important line from any of the three chapters and explain its significance.

Vocabulary Bio Poems and Personification

9 Jan

Each student must complete 3 Bio poems using any 3 vocabulary words from any unit.  You will be asked to share one of your bio poems with the class.  The format is:

First name

Four traits that describe the word

Relative of

Who feels Who needs

Who fears

Who would like 

Resident of

Last name


Here is an Example:

Querulous- verb complain in a whining manner

First Name Debbie

Four traits Annoying, weak, childish, frustrating

Relative of Whiny

Who Feels Cranky

Who needs constant attention

Who fears having to deal with a difficult situation

Who would like to see someone give them everything they want

Resident of SnottyBratsVille

Last Name Downer


SKILL:  Personification: Giving human-like qualities to non human things.

ex: The guitar sang a melody that danced across the room.

Your assignment: Add personification to any 3 items in any of your writing pieces.  You will be asked to share an example with the class.

Song of the Week!  — Something for the cold weather…

The Five Five Five Challenge

4 Jan

Our next writing piece is the Five Five Five Challenge.  It is due Monday, Typed. The Five Five Five Challenge

12th Grade: Here is the vocabulary worksheet we did in class Friday.Vocab 12 Unit 3 – Ditto


2 Jan

Welcome back and Happy New Year.  Here are some new words for you:

11th Grade:Vocab 11 unit 3

12th Grade:Vocab 12 unit 3


The Song of the Week

Here’s a new feature to get you to visit this web site more often: The Song of the Week.  Every week I’m going to post a song that I think is cool… Enjoy.