Tribute Piece and Reading Assignment

19 Dec

This week all classes are working on a tribute/gift piece.  You are to write about a person who is special to you and pay tribute to them.  The final piece must be typed and in class on Friday the 21st.

Here are some skills we discussed:  The Fake Out, Begin with a Main idea, Writing to a specific audience, Changing the layout of your piece for effect.

11th Grade:

Read Ch 13-17 of Catcher and the Rye and, in 1 page in your notebook, explain the significance of:

13-14 Maurice and Sunny

15 The Nuns

16 The Museum

17 Holden’s date with Sally Hayes

(Due Friday)

12th Grade 

read the last 8 pages of The Road and, in a page in your notebook, discuss what happens briefly, then focus on why the author may have chosen to end the book that way.  What is his message?  Explore this question in your notebook.  There are many possible interpretations.   (Due Friday)


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