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Reading Homework and Assignments

29 Nov

11th Grade:  Read chapter 2 of Catcher in the Rye.

Assignment–Make 3 observations about Holden Caufield and provide textual evidence to support your observation


12th Grade:  Read through page 25 of the Road.

Skill: Tone- the mood/feeling created by the author’s choice of words.  “sightless as the eggs of spiders” (page 4-5).

Assignment– pick something and describe it in a certain tone.  Circle any words that help convey the tone.

Example:  “I reach through the DARKNESS of the BARREN closet and grab the tie.  BLACK as the EYES of the DEVIL, I fasten it into a NOOSE-like knot and tighten it against my throat… “


27 Nov

Today we worked on vocabulary unit 2.  Here are the notes…

vocab 11 unit 2



vocab 12 unit 2


Write a sentence for each word in your notebook, it will be checked tomorrow.

2nd Quarter Rubric

26 Nov

Make sure you have your 101 Things I am Thankful For piece, with Reflection on Tuesday.

Here is a copy of the 2nd quarter Rubric 2nd Quarter Rubric.

101 Things I am Thankful For Writing Piece

21 Nov

For Thanksgiving we will be writing a piece about the things we are thankful for.  The goal is to get you to notice the important details about the things you appreciate and to get into a thankful state of mind for the holiday.

101 things I am thankful for Piece:

Write a poem of 101 things you are thankful for.

Be sure to:

  • Don’t just mention a thing you are thankful for, mention a quality about it for example: Don’t say “My Dog,” say “When my dog plays catch with me.”  This way you can mention multiple qualities about a single thing.
  • Write it in 4 stanzas of 25 lines, with a 1 stanza line for a super special item.
  •  Give your piece a creative title (Mine was “101 Reasons to Wake Up Early”)

This assignment must be typed and is due on Monday November 26th

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!!

End of the Quarter

12 Nov

The 1st quarter officially ends on Friday November 16th, all work is due then.  Here’s a checklist for you:

  • Notebooks will be checked Wednesday.  Please make sure you numbered your pages.
  • Revised College Essays (12th grade) or  Critical Lens Essays (11th Grade) are due Thursday.
  • Fill out your reading log and writing log
  • Complete the Reading Assignment (250 words about an author’s use of skills or literary devices we have discussed) This does not need to be typed.
  • Complete the Skills Assignment (150-200 words about your use of any 3 skills in any of your writing pieces) This does not need to be typed.
  • Fill out the 1st Quarter Self Assessment
  • Staple The 1st Quarter Self Assessment to your writing pieces, reading assignment, and skills assignment.  Place the resulting packet in your portfolio folder.  Place your Reading and Writing Log in the folder (do not staple the Reading and Writing Log to the packet).
  • Turn in your Into the Wild (12th Grade) or Night (11th Grade) Books.

See you Tuesday!

Welcome Back and The End of the Quarter

5 Nov

Welcome Back!

First and foremost, I hope you are all well.  The storm has caused unprecedented damage and destruction.  I sincerely hope the effects on you and your family were minimal.

End of the Quarter:

The quarter is rapidly coming to a close, and we will be picking up the pace to get all of our work done on time.

The Notebook check will be Thursday.

Wednesday in class, I will be distributing a Portfolio Cover Sheet (available here: 1st Quarter Self Assessment).  After this cover sheet is filled out, it will be attached to your writing pieces with your reading and skills assignments.  The resulting packet will be placed in your writing portfolio.  The only other document that should be in the folder is your reading/writing log (which should be up to date as well).

In case you need another copy, here is the quarter rubric: 1st quarter rubric

See you all on Wednesday!

-Mr. Funk