Google Docs! -Night Ch 1-3 / Into the Wild Chapter 3

10 Oct

All Classes:  I will be showing you how to access Google Docs, an online word processor.  It allows you to type papers (much like Microsoft Word) and save them online, in the cloud.  Sachem has kindly set up a Google account for all students (email is disabled).  Your user name is your computer login plus  The password is “Sach.(last four digits of your school id#)” Here’s how to get on…

So if you had a student John Smith. You would go to click the “sign in” in the top right.
The students username would be jsmith2 (or whatever it normally is for them to sign on the computer)
Password would be Sach.1234 (“Sach” “.” “last four of their ID”)“Sach.1234”
They’ll need to put in the captcha word and agree to the TOS. Then they’ll be in.

11th Grade:

  • Discuss notes on Night Chapters 1-3.
  • Read Ch. 4 for Friday and Ch. 5 for Monday

12th Grade:

  • Skill: Use Better Verbs  (are you saying something like “walk” when a word like “strut” or “limped” would be better?)
  • We will read and discuss Ch. 3 of Into The Wild
  • If time permits we will have time for college essays
  • Here are some examples of college essays
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