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28 Sep

Periods 3,4,7 Memoirs are due Monday.

Periods 6,8 Memoirs are due Tuesday.

Make sure your Memoirs are typed and in class on the due date.  Please remember the lateness policy as stated on the course rubric:

Late Work Policy

Assignments are due at class time on the due date.  Absolutely no work will be accepted late.  If there is an extenuating circumstance or emergency (other than computer issues), please supply a signed note from your parent or guardian.

In the event of a printer issue, bring your piece in on a flash drive or email the document to me and yourself, and you can print in class.

6 Word Memoir and Vocabulary

13 Sep

Create your own 6 word Memoir (tell a story in exactly 6 words) on a half-sheet of paper (nice and neat and decorated) for Wednesday!

Complete vocabulary worksheets and define the words in your notebook.

Vocab 11 unit 1 test

12H Unit 1 – Ditto

Update to Course Rubric–Skill: Sensory Imagery

11 Sep

Hey class,

I forgot about an important part of our rubric.  The “Reading” category did not list how many pages you must read for each grade.  This has been updated and can be downloaded here:

1st quarter rubric

Sorry for the confusion!

Here’s today’s new skill

Sensory Imagery: descriptive language that uses any of the five senses.


Don’t forget! The Summer reading assignment is due Friday September 21st!  Here is a link to the assignment.

Letter to Your Future Self

10 Sep

Today, in class, we will be writing our letters to our future selves.  These letters are to be addressed to the person you will become in June.  I will save the letters and return them to you in June.

Click here to download the handout:Letter to future self

Summer Reading Assignments will be due on Friday September 21st.  Visit the Sachem Web Page to download the assignment.

Welcome Back 2012-2013

4 Sep

Welcome to the 2012-2013 school year and to Mr. Funk’s English Class.

Here are the handouts from the first day of class:

1st quarter rubric

class rules 2012-13