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Letter to Your Future Self: Reflective Piece

29 May

On Wednesday, you will receive the letter you wrote in September to your future self.  From there you will be given the following handout to complete the reflective piece, which will go into your final portfolio.

11th Grade Reflective Piece

12th Grade Reflective Piece 12

If you think getting a letter from your past self is amusing, then you’ll like this site:


The Final Portfolio and Important Dates

21 May

It is now time to start discussing the final portfolio!  Here are handouts that will be distributed on Tuesday, May 22:

Final Portfolio Checklist/Rubric

10 STEPS for Completing Final Portfolio

At this point you should begin looking through your writing pieces from the entire year, selecting your favorites, and deciding on a theme for your portfolio.

The final Portfolio will be due on Friday June 8th.  

On Wednesday, May 30th, you will receive the letter you wrote to yourself back in September.  With that letter you will compose your end of the year reflection, which will be included in your portfolio.

On Tuesday, June 5th, I will be checking notebooks and collecting Independent reading assignments.  Information about the notebook and independent reading assignment is on the 4th quarter rubric:  4th quarter rubric

Shakespeare essays due Friday

9 May

This week we are writing our essays on our Shakespearean plays.  We will be working on them in class and can be handwritten.  Just make sure you do a couple of things…

  • create an outline before you begin
  • refer to specific parts of the text and cite them properly (Act.Scene.Lines)

11th Grade Macbeth Role Reversal Essay

12th Grade Hamlet Essay Topics