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Writing Assignments

30 Apr

This week we will work on new writing assignments.  These are due on Thursday May 3rd, typed.

11th Grade: Macbeth Tragic Flaw Writing Assignment

12th Grade: To Be or Not To Be Parody

Shakespeare continued… Class work for the week

27 Apr

All Classes:  Due Monday 4.30.12 TV Dramatic Elements

11th Grade:  We have read the first 3 acts of Macbeth.

-Complete this worksheet: Macbeth Act 3 questions

-Analyze the following versions of Act 1 Scene 7.  Describe how the actors and directors made use of Body language, tone of voice, and any actors that do not have speaking parts. [Video coming soon]

12th Grade: We have read and discussed Hamlet through Act 3 Scene 1.

-Complete the following worksheet: Hamlet Character Study

-Here is an overview of the scenes:  Hamlet Plot Outline

Dramatic Elements

18 Apr

Here are today’s notes on Dramatic Elements.

Dramatic Elements

Watch for them in your favorite TV shows and movies!

4th Quarter Rubric and Shakespeare!

18 Apr

As we return from Spring vacation, we begin reading Shakespeare!

The fourth quarter has officially started.  Here is the rubric: 4th quarter rubric.


11th Grade:  Macbeth

Here is a link to an online version of the entire play.

12th Grade: Hamlet

Hamlet character list

Here is a link to an online version of the entire play.