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Monday December 19th

19 Dec

Complete the following worksheet about your progress so far this quarter.  Mid Quarter Self Assessment

Thursday December 8th

8 Dec

We are continuing with our one-on-one student-teacher conferences.

11th Grade assignment:  complete part 3 of this Regents exam for Monday.

12th Grade assignment:  write about the use any two literary devices you come across in your readings.

Bonus source of inspiration:  check out this site, it has some great advice.  50 Life Secrets and Tips I guarantee you will find something useful 🙂 In case that isn’t enough 50 More Life Secrets and Tips 

December 2nd

4 Dec

Watch the following speech by Steve Jobs an click here for a Transcription.

Answer the following questions:

1. What are your thoughts and reactions?

2. What is the message of the speech?  Use specific examples from the speech to support your answer.

3.  Choose an important quote from the speech and explain its significance.

December 1st

1 Dec

Quick write: write about the best or worst moment of your November

Wednesday: Read and Discuss the “Anti-Tribute” George Gray by Edgar Lee Masters

11th Grade Skill: The Appositive

12th Grade Skill: Hyphenated Modifier