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Friday October 7th

7 Oct

11th Grade: Begin work on critical lens essays

-Skill: Outlining: listing and organizing ideas before writing


12th Grade: Work on College essays

-Finish Into The Wild for Tuesday

Thurs Oct 6th

6 Oct

11th Grade: Read and Discuss Night in class.

-Finish Night for Homework, due Friday.

12th Grade: Discuss college essay topics

-Review this web site on how to write a winning college essay.

-Brainstorm ideas for college essays

-Homework finish Into The Wild for Tuesday

Wed. Oct 5th

5 Oct

11th grade:  

Quick write: write about something you did this weekend, without mentioning what it is (be descriptive).

Vocabular Unit one- write sentences for each word

12th grade:  
Quick Write: write about an experience that changed you or a time you realized something important.
Quick Write: what are your best qualities… what areas can you improve in?
-Skill:  use specific details- ex: instead of saying someone is mean, tell how that person tripped you in the hallway, stole your lunch, and kidnapped your kitten.
-Skill: outlining- in writing it is important to gather your ideas before beginning.  This will allow you to sort things out in a logical and coherent manner before beginning.
-Review this web site on how to write a winning college essay.
-Homework: Bring in college essay prompts from your school of choice

Tuesday Oct. 4th

4 Oct

11th Grade:  Write reflection for memoir and document any skills used in Skills Used Log

12th Grade: Complete worksheet on Vocabulary Unit 1 and write sentences for each word.
Homework: bring in college essay questions for any school you are interested in attending.

Welcome to Mr. Funk’s Web Site

3 Oct

Welcome to Mr. Funk’s web site!

My e-mail address is .

Here are some links to important class documents.

Grading Rubric

Writer’s Notebook

Writing Log

Reading Log

Skills Used Log

Student Fact Sheet

Letter to Future Self

Monday Oct. 3rd

3 Oct

11th grade: Memoirs are due tomorrow. They must be typed, using 12pt. font, double spaced.

12th grade: Vocabulary Unit One Vocab 12 unit 1 PDF