Wed. Oct 5th

5 Oct

11th grade:  

Quick write: write about something you did this weekend, without mentioning what it is (be descriptive).

Vocabular Unit one- write sentences for each word

12th grade:  
Quick Write: write about an experience that changed you or a time you realized something important.
Quick Write: what are your best qualities… what areas can you improve in?
-Skill:  use specific details- ex: instead of saying someone is mean, tell how that person tripped you in the hallway, stole your lunch, and kidnapped your kitten.
-Skill: outlining- in writing it is important to gather your ideas before beginning.  This will allow you to sort things out in a logical and coherent manner before beginning.
-Review this web site on how to write a winning college essay.
-Homework: Bring in college essay prompts from your school of choice
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