Writing Body Paragraphs!

17 May

Today we will have notes on body paragraphs!

I will also show you your grades so far this quarter so you can make up any work and improve your grade.

Outline Your Research Paper!

14 May

Today, we will begin outlining our Research Paper.

Research Paper Outline and Format

13 May

Today we will go over the format for the Research Paper!

Then we have notes on Topic Sentences.

Finally, we will begin outlining our Research Paper.

Wednesday Words

12 May

Wednesday Words Vocabulary

Copy Slides 49-53 (Erratic,Banal, Compatible, Subtle, Discern, Pious)  from the 9th Grade Vocabulary list.

Then, in your notebook, write your own sentence (in addition to the ones from the slides) and draw a picture to illustrate it.

Monkey Mind Pong; Explaining Evidence

10 May

Quick Write: Watch this monkey play Pong using his mind. What do you think this might mean for the future as this technology advances?

Explaining Your Evidence

Now that you have found information from your articles, it’s time to explain its importance.

Here is the assignment, which is also posted on Google Classroom.

Finding Research

7 May

Using the research supplied to you, find 4 quotes showing social media is harmful to teens and 4 quotes showing social media is beneficial to teens. Use at least 3 of the 4 articles.

Present your quotes with parenthetical citations (notes are attached).


Parenthetical Citations!

6 May

Selective Attention Experiment– We only really see what we are looking for.

“There is neither good or bad in a thing, but thinking makes it so” -Hamlet

Parenthetical Citations

Today we will talk about how to add quotes to our writing using parenthetical citations.

More Thesis Practice

5 May

Complete the More Thesis Practice assignment on Google Classroom.

Sounding Like You Know What You Are Talking About (whether you do or not)

4 May

Two Word Tuesday Vocabulary

Stagnant and Impartial from the 9th Grade Vocabulary list. Period 4: Add Advocate and Adversary to your list!

Skill: Present your opinion as fact

When writing persuasive papers, it is important that you do not use phrases like “I believe that,” “In my opinion,” I think that.”  Also avoid “It seems like” “probably,” “Might be.” These statements remind the reader that your statements are just your opinion.  They sound uncertain and tentative, as if you don’t really know what you are talking about or are unsure of your opinion.

Here are some notes: Present opinion as fact

Thesis Statement Practice

Here are some quick notes on Thesis Statement Practice.

Complete this work sheet to practice creating thesis statements.

The Research Paper!

3 May

Quick Write: Can you solve the puzzle?

Skill: Pun

Important Dates!

Final Essay: Wednesday, May 26th and Thursday, May 27th

Multiple Choice Final: Monday, June 7th

Research Paper!!

Today we officially begin discussing our research paper.

Definition: A Research Paper is an essay in which you take a position on a topic and use evidence from outside sources (books, articles, videos, interviews, web sites, etc) to prove your point.

Your Topic: Is social media affecting teenagers in a positive or negative way?

Thesis Statement

Today we will have notes on Thesis Statements.