Library Tech Day

23 May

Today our classes will be going to the library for Technology Day.


Final Essays

22 May

Today we will be writing our final essays in class.

12th Final Essay; 9th Final Essay Review

21 May

12th Grade:

Today and tomorrow we will be working on the final essay.

9th Grade:

Review literary devices for final essay.

Finding Central Ideas

Template for Task 3 Essay

Why We Use Literary Devices...

Fix Me Friday; Independent Reading

18 May

Fix Me Friday

Since 1983, May has been National physical fitness Month in America. The celebration are desined to encourage exercise and a healthy life style. Students can take part by playing games eating lots of fruits and vegtables, and having fun. Its very important, to get some exercise ever day.

Independent Reading

Read a book of your choice and fill out this form.

More Final Essay Review

17 May

9th Grade:

Complete this template using the Burger article.

12th Grade:

Discuss characters from literature…

Final Essay Review…

16 May

Wednesday Wisdom: Who Knows what is good or bad?

Quick Write: Can you think of an example in your life of something that seemed bad at the time but actually turned out good?

Who Knows what is good or bad

12th Grade:

Finish any Vocabulary Projects.

Review Parts of an essay.

Thesis statement

Topic Sentences

9th Grade:

Review Task 3 Essay. This is the style of essay you will have on your final exam, May 22nd.

Burger Battle Outline: Fill out this paper for the Burger Article.


Two Word Tuesday Projects; Burger Article

15 May

Today we will be working on our Two Word Tuesday Vocabulary Projects.

9th Grade: We will go over the Burger Article questions.