Two Word Tuesday; MLK

16 Jan

Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have A Dream Speech”

Notice his use of the skills: Allusion, Metaphor, and Anaphora

9th Grade: Two Word Tuesday 9th Grade Vocabulary

Indifferent and Revere

12th Grade: Two Word Tuesday 12th Grade Vocabulary

Didactic and Pretentious


OMAM Essay; Reading Reaction Due

12 Jan

All Classes: Notebook Check on Thursday 1/18!!

9th Grade:

Of Mice and Men thematic essay. Click here for the directions and outline.

Today you will have the entire class period to work on the essay. The essay is due at the start of class on Tuesday January 16th.

12th Grade:

Go to A206 to type up your Reading Assignment on Kidblog.

9 – OMAM Thematic Essay; 12- Reading Assignment

11 Jan

9th Grade:

Let’s Review Some Commonly Confused Words:

There– location, They’re– They are, Their– Ownership
Were– past tense of “are”, Wear– to put on (clothes), We’re– We are, Where – location
Your– ownership, You’re– you are
Too – also or large quantity, Two– 2, To– everything else

Of Mice and Men thematic essay. Click here for the directions and outline.

Today we will begin discussing and working on our Of Mice and Men thematic essay. You will have time to start outlining, and tomorrow you will write the essay in class.

12th Grade:

Go to A206 to type up your Reading Assignment on Kidblog.

Finish OMAM; Reading Response

10 Jan

12th Grade:

Here is the paper for your reading assignment. Watch any video from Ted Talks. Use the search feature to find something interesting to you. Work on it in class today. Tomorrow we will go to the lab so you can type it on Kidblog. It is due Friday.

9th Grade:

Today we will finish Of Mice and Men. Answer the questions for chapters 5 and 6 below.

Scannable Document 2 on Jan 10 2018 at 8_40_35 AM

Two Word Tuesday; OMAM; Reading Assignment

9 Jan

ALL CLASSES! Notebooks will be checked Thursday 1/18/18


9th Grade:

Two Word Tuesday: Eloquent and Oblivious 9th Grade Vocabulary

We will finish chapter 5 Of Mice and Men.

12th Grade:

Two Word Tuesday: Scrutinize and Histrionic 12th Grade Vocabulary

Reading Assignment – Due on Kidblog by Friday.

Watch any video at TED (browse or use the search to find something you are interested in).

Write a 250 word reaction to what you saw. Use the Reading Standards to write your response.  The point of the assignment is to analyze the video using the techniques and skills within the Reading Standards document. Here are the full details.

9th- 2 Word Tuesday and Of Mice and Men: 12th- TED Talk Reading Assignment

8 Jan

Screen Shot 2018-01-07 at 5.18.29 PM

9th Grade:

Two Word Tuesday: Vagrant and Trivial 9th Grade Vocabulary

Of Mice and Men: 

In your notebook, briefly create a timeline of 5 important events in the story so far.

We will read Chapter 5.

12th Grade:

TEDTalk Reading Assignment:

Watch any video at TED (browse or use the search to find something you are interested in).

Take notes in your notebook as you watch. What is the main idea? What are some key points? Who is the speaker?

Enjoy Your Break!

22 Dec

Here are today’s plans…

9th Grade:

Of Mice and Men Quizizz: Quizizz Code: 869790

12th Grade:

Continue watching the Black Mirror episode “Nosedive,” starting at 17 minutes.

Think about how we rate each other online… likes, retweets, follows. On Uber, we riders and drivers rate each other. Often people will decide to use a driver or pick up a rider based on his/her rating. What if we continue in this direction? What if we rate each other on every interaction? What if we grant privileges and access to things based on our ratings? This episode deals with these questions. It’s some powerful social commentary!