2 Word Tuesday! Speak and Narrators

26 Oct


Today we will go over the words Jocular and Monotonous from our 9th Grade Vocabulary list.

Get Your Work In! 

It’s that time of the quarter where I start taking a close look for any students that might be in danger of failing the quarter (below a 70 so far). Make sure you have a look at your grades and turn in any missing work or revise anything you want a better grade on!

Review Some Important Parts from Speak Part 1

Read Speak Marking Period 2 and Complete Narrator Assignment

Narrator’s POV and Speak

25 Oct

Quick Write: Write about an accomplishment or a failure in your life.

Narrator’s Point of View

Today we will go over the different types of narrators in literature.

Here are the notes.


We will discuss some of your ideas for tree symbolism.

We will review the 1st Marking Period of Speak.

Symbolism and Reading Speak

22 Oct

Symbolism of Trees in Speak

Why do hearts represent love?

Quick Write: Think of as many parts of a tree as you can. Now brainstorm any similarities or things people have in common with trees.

Symbolism is when an object that represents something besides itself.

We will share our brainstorming on trees.

Complete the assignment on Google Classroom: Tree Symbolism

Reading Time!

Read the rest of the First Marking Period of Speak.


21 Oct

Today we will be reading Speak in class.

Pay special attention to the section Devils Destroy on page 26 and The Opposite of Inspiration is … Expiration on page 30.

Finish the 1st mark period section (up to page 46) by Monday.

Vocab, Speak and Characterization

20 Oct

Quick Write: Make up a scenario for the following image:

Two Word Tuesday!

Today we will go over the words Ambiguous and Miser from our 9th Grade Vocabulary list.

STEAL Chart on Rachel

We will go over the STEAL Chart for Rachel.

Two Word Tuesday; STEAL for Rachel

19 Oct

Two Word Tuesday!

Today we will go over the words Ambiguous and Miser from our 9th Grade Vocabulary list.

STEAL Chart for Rachel/Rachelle

We will read the “Friends” section of Speak, starting on page 20. Then complete a STEAL Characterization Chart on Rachel. Turn in on Google Classroom.

Speak and Characterization

18 Oct

Quick Write: How do you determine if a person is a good person or not? What values are important to you?

New Skillz! Characterization and Using Specific Evidence

Here are the notes.

Skill: Characterization: Characterization is how an author shows a character’s personality. This is done by the character’s actions and the things the character says, as well as the author’s description of those characters.

Skill: Use Specific Evidence

When answering questions based on a reading, use the actual words from what you are reading to support your answers.

  • Put exact words in quotation marks.
  • Then put the author’s last name and the page number the text was found in parenthesis.

Example: Melinda personifies the school bus and shows it is old and poorly maintained by saying it “wheezes to my corner” (Anderson 3).

  • Notice that the parenthesis are outside of the quotation marks.
  • Notice the punctuation is after the parenthesis.
  • Notice there is no “p” or “#” before the page number.

Grammar – Speak – Creativity and Age

15 Oct

Quick Write: Do you think we become less creative as we age? Why do you think so?

Fix Me Friday

Correct the following paragraph in your notebook:

In September 1846, a german astronomer, Johann Galle became the first to observe the planet Neptune. The eighth plant, Neptune is named for the roman god of the Sea. Neptune is about 30 times farther from the sun then planet earth is. It is also large than our planet. Sometimes Neptunes orbit crosses that of Pluto;

Creativity and Aging

Read this article on Creativity and Aging.

How do you think we can become more creative?

Reading Speak

Read Speak 1st Marking Period through page 46.

Speak and Creativity

14 Oct

Quick Write: Are you a creative person? Why or Why not? What types of things are you creative about? If not, what happens when you try to be creative? Were you creative as a child?

Take a Look at Your Grades!

It’s more than half way through the quarter! I will give you a minute to see what your grades are so far this quarter. Remember you can revise work to get the grade you want!


We will read the section “Sanctuary” in Speak.

Draw a tree.

Complete the Speak Sanctuary questions on Google Classroom.

Vocabulary and Speak

12 Oct

Quick Write: Write about something you did this weekend.

Two Word Tuesday!

Today we will go over the words Cursory and Obscure from our 9th Grade Vocabulary list.


We will continue reading Speak today.