Romeo and Juliet; Reflective Piece

8 Jun

Important Dates!

Notebook check is Thursday. Here are the familiar guidelines.

All work is due on Friday! Revise stuff; make up missing work!

Quick Write – Looking Back

Open the Letter to Your Future Self assignment from the beginning of the school year. Read what you wrote to yourself. Then take a minute to write down your thoughts about what you wrote when you were just starting 9th grade.

Reflective Writing Piece

It’s time for our last writing piece of the year. This one is a chance to look back on and think about the last year of your life

Here are the guidelines and some ideas.

Final Review

4 Jun

Finish your Grammar Review Packet by the end of class Friday!

Final on Monday!

Final Exam Review!

3 Jun

Quizziz on Commonly Confused Words for the Final Exam.

You will receive a Grammar Review Packet as well. This packet should be finished by the end of class Friday.

Final Exam is on Monday!

Study Vocabulary, Literary Devices, Commonly Confused Words (above), and Grammar Review Packet.

Finish Vocabulary; Literary Terms Review

2 Jun


Today we will finish out the vocabulary word list for 9th grade!

9th Grade Vocabulary list.

Literary Terms Review

Today we will review literary terms you can expect to see on the final exam.

11 Word Tuesday

1 Jun

Today we will finish out the vocabulary word list for 9th grade!

9th Grade Vocabulary list.

Final Essay!

26 May

We will be writing our final essay, in class, today and tomorrow.

Good luck!

Two Word Tuesday; Final Essay Exam Prep

25 May

Two Word Tuesday

Deter and Depravity from the 9th Grade Vocabulary list.

Final Essay!

We will review for the final essay, which is tomorrow and Thursday.

Tone is another good literary device to prepare for.

Preparing for the Final Essay

24 May

Food for Thought

Review for the Essay Final

The essay portion of the final exam will be given Wednesday and Thursday. Today and tomorrow we will review for the essay.

Ethos, Logos, Pathos Review

We will review Rhetorical Strategies, Ethos, Logos, Pathos, here.

Answer questions 4-16 in your notebook.

Take this Quizziz on Ethos, Logos, Pathos.


Research Paper Writing in the Library

20 May

Research Paper in the Library

19 May

Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday our classes will meet in the Library to work on our research papers!

Here are all the notes on the assignment.

Research Paper is due Friday at 11:59PM

25 point per day lateness penalty is in effect!

Good luck!