Editing, Independent Reading; Research Paper Notes

16 Feb

9th Grade:  Fix Me Friday and Independent Reading

Fix Me Friday:

What is smaller than earth’s moon and takes 248 years to orbit the sun. Its Pluto, witch was called a planet until 2006, when scientists named it a “dwarf planet” insted. Pluto was discover by astronomer Clyde Tombaugh in February 1930. Some think Pluto could be a large asteroid. The shape of Plutos’ orbit actually brings it close to the sun at times then the orbit of its neighbor, the planet Neptune

Silent Independent Reading

The rest of class will be spent reading. You will be graded in two ways: First, for having something to read. Second, for actually reading, without talking, sleeping, or being distracting to others.

12th Grade: Research Paper Notes

The Research Paper is due on Friday March 2nd (the first Friday when we return from break)

Research Paper Rubric

Writing Your Introduction Paragraph

Writing Your Body Paragraphs

Writing Your Conclusion



Task 3 Writing; Work Cited and Parenthetical Citations

15 Feb

9th Grade: Task 3 Writing using Pixar

Using any of the Pixar shorts we have watched this week, complete the following assignment.

Here is the assignment.

Your Task: Identify the central idea/Theme of the Pixar short and analyze how the
 use of one writing strategy (literary element or literary
technique or rhetorical device) advances this idea. Use strong
and thorough evidence from the film to support your analysis. Do
not simply summarize the film. Do not give a plot summary!

REMEMBER! Bring something to read with you to class tomorrow. 

12th Grade: Works Cited and Parenthetical Citations for Quoting and Paraphrasing

Today we will learn how to do the Works Cited Page and Parenthetical Citations for direct quotes and paraphrasing.

Works Cited Page Notes

Parenthetical Citations Notes


Pixar Plot and Theme; Topic Sentences

14 Feb

9th Grade: Plot and Theme

In your notebook, complete the plot diagram (Freytag’s Pyramid) for these two Pixar shorts. Then write down what you think the theme of each is.

On Thursday, I will check that you have plot diagrams and themes for all four Pixar shorts we watched this week.

Task 3 Template

12th Grade:

Go to Room A206 to finish your topic sentences worksheet. I will collect it on Thursday.

Two Word Tuesday, Birds; Outlining Research Paper

13 Feb

12th Grade: Outlining the Research Paper

Go to A205. We are working on our outline for the research paper. Here is the document you will be turning in by tomorrow.

9th Grade: Two Word Tuesday; For the Birds

Something to think about…

Two Word Tuesday:

Profound and Embellish. 9th Grade Vocabulary List

“For the Birds”

Complete the Plot Diagram for “For the Birds.” In your notebook, write what you think is the theme and what elements from the plot helped you find this theme.

Topic Sentences; Plot Mapping

12 Feb

12th Grade:

Turn in your Thesis Statement worksheet.

Read this handout on Topic Sentences, then take these notes on Topic Sentences.

Start Outlining your paper.

9th Grade:

**Have something to read on Friday!**

Mapping the Plot using Pixar’s “Day and Night” page of this document.

Watch the “Day and Night”:


Fix Me Friday, Independent Reading; Thesis Statements

9 Feb

9th Grade:

Fix Me Friday: Edit the following paragraph:

around the beginning of Febuary each year, the top too American football teams meet for a big game. The game is called the Super bowl. It is the annual championship for the Nashional Football League. The Super Bowl is always held on a Sunday. Many Americans treat Super Bowl Sunday as a holiday On Super Bowl Sunday, America eat more food then on any other holiday, except for Thanksgiving. They go to Super Bowl Parties and cheer for their favorite teams. Thousands of people watch the Super Bowl in the stadium, but millions watch it on TV. In fact, the Super Bowl is one of the most-watch programs on TV every year.

After Fix Me Friday, we will go to the library to pick out books for independent reading. Make sure you have a book to read by next Friday.

12th Grade:

Write down  your thesis statement on this handout. Then you will analyze another student’s thesis.


Failure; Thesis Statements

8 Feb

9th Grade:

Copy your answer to yesterday’s assignment from your notebook to a piece looseleaf paper.

On that same sheet of paper, in a paragraph, answer the following questions about Nick Foles’ post Super Bowl speech.

What does Nick Foles say about failure? What does he say about comparing yourself to others? To what extent do you agree with what he or she is saying? To support your opinion, be sure to include specific examples drawn from your own experience, your observations of others, or any of your readings.

When you are finished, turn in your paper with yesterday and today’s assignment on it.

12th Grade: Thesis Statement

I will check to see that you have written out your notes on 5 articles.

We will take notes on Thesis Statements. Here are the notes.

Next we will complete an assignment to identify good thesis statements. Here is the assignment.

Finally, start crafting your own thesis statement.