Work on Shakespeare Group Projects

5 Feb

Today we will be in class, with copies of our Shakespearean plays, to work on our group projects. Spend this time deciding who will complete which portion of the assignment, then get to work in your notebooks. Be prepared to begin your Powerpoint presentation next week!

Monday and Tuesday we will work with the computers to create the Powerpoint presentations. Wednesday-Friday we will give our group presentations, in order by group number.


P1- D114
P4- Library
P5 and 8- A206


P4, 5, and 8- A206

Finishing Shakespeare Films; Group Projects

4 Feb

Today and tomorrow we are finishing the viewing of our Shakespeare films. Next we will begin working on our group projects. Here they are:

9th Grade: Romeo and Juliet Group Project

12th Grade: Hamlet Group Project

3rd Quarter Begins with Shakespeare!

1 Feb

Welcome back after the snow and testing!

Today officially begins the third quarter.  We are half way finished!

Shakespeare Begins!

Today we will begin our study of Shakespearean plays.  We will start by viewing modern film versions of the play, just to acquaint ourselves with the plot.  Later in the week and into next week we will be doing group presentations. Please make sure you have a copy of the character lists and plot overviews.

12th Grade: Hamlet

Hamlet character list

Hamlet Plot Outline

Hamlet film watching questions

9th Grade: Romeo and Juliet

Romeo and Juliet plot outline

Romeo Juliet character list

Romeo and Juliet film watching questions


No School! Missing Work in My Mailbox!

24 Jan

The four-legged Funk canines during the blizzard

Well the amazing happened! Mother Nature decided against school on Monday. Enjoy your day off!

If You Are Missing Work please put it in my mailbox in the main office. Otherwise email it to me. Please attach the file to an email to, Sharing on Google Drive has not worked in the past.

9th Grade Midterm Tuesday

When we come back, 9th Graders will have midterms at 8am, here are the rooms:

P1 D209
P4 A325
P8 A330
Go to the corresponding room unless you have been instructed to go elsewhere.

As I said in class, a lot of the test involves reading comprehension, but if you would like to study, brush up on the following:

Subject Verb Agreement

Commonly Confused Words

Literary Devices

Any Skill to the Right!


No Midterm. Do something cool while you are young, like build a snowman on the beach!

A visit to Rocky Neck State Park in the middle of winter. Can be shot anytime Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. Basically whatever the

All Work for the Second Quarter is Due Today!

22 Jan

Make sure you have all of your work for the second quarter in today!

We will fill out the second quarter portfolio cover sheet: 2nd Quarter Reflection and staple our writing pieces and super pass to the front.

Have a great weekend and good luck with the storm!

Class Time to Finish and Revise 2nd Quarter Work

21 Jan

Finishing line

Today you have the entire class in the Lab/Library to fix up and revise any of your work for a better grade, as well as finish your Final Reading Assignment: social commentary in our world essay

Get any Grade You Want for the Second Quarter!

20 Jan


Every student in Mr. Funk’s class can have whatever grade they want! You have the power. If you are not happy with a grade, revise your work by Friday and earn more points.

What’s more? Today and tomorrow you will have class time to do just that! Use this time wisely! Finish your reading assignment (social commentary in our world essay)and revise your papers.

I want you to all get 100s.

All you have to do is come and get it!


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